Philosophy of Institution

Philosophy of Institution

Manakchand Prabhudan Charitable Trust was formed 2002 to spread and promote education for the students of the rural area of Kamptee, Dist: Nagpur. Trust also thought of establishing Educational Schools, Colleges, University as a study centre to promote the poor student of the rural area.

The philosophy behind the establishment of ASHA RAM COLLEGE OF NURSING is to educate and train the student nurse professionally by imparting the professional knowledge as per the syllabus and to help them in developing skills in their professional functions and to inculcate right type professional attitude in them to functions as a good citizen in the society.

This implies not merely in the training of professionally skills but also for the overall development of personality of the students. The professionally qualified nurse has unique introduction to make in promoting health, prevention of illness and rehabilitation of individual family and the community, especially in the rural and remote areas of our country.

The nursing education in a realistic manner with proper faculty guidance prepares the students capable of assessing the health needs of society and deliver quality nursing care with holistic approach.

We believe that the philosophy is dynamic and subject to periodic evaluation.


The trustee Dr. Rajendra Agrawal who was born and brought up in the farmer family of a small township of Kamptee completed MBBS and further he did Doctor of Medicine (MD) from the Asia's biggest medical college of Nagpur. He dedicates his practice for the people of Kamptee rural area and started rendering his services to Heart, Diabetic, Asthma Patients, and internal medicine with a back up of ICU with unique state of art infrastructure in the history of medicine at Kamptee.

He decided to work for the needy people of his region under the banner of Manakchand Prabhudan Charitable Trust and started giving medical and surgical aids free of cost. Further he decided to give good education back up to the poor student of his region. He decided to start the Nursing College with the following Purpose :

  • To give employment to the youth of rural area.
  • To get a qualified nurse who will work in our own hospital.
  • To spread awareness of health in rural areas.
  • To motivate & encourage the youth of rural area for nursing education.
  • To empower the youth & create a good teacher, administrator, counsellor, supervisor from these youth.


The nurse on completion of this course will be able to :

  • 1. Demonstrate competency in providing health care to individual, sick or well, using nursing process
    •   Assess the nursing need of clients from birth of death.
    •   Plan and carry out appropriate action to meet nursing needs.
    •   Provide effective nursing care for maintain best possible level of health in all aspects.
    •   Promote self care in people under their care.
    •   Apply problem solving techniques in nursing practice
    •   Evaluate effectiveness of nursing care
    •   Apply problem solving techniques in nursing practice.
    •   Evaluate effectiveness of nursing care.
  • 2. Apply knowledge from the humanities, biological and behavioral sciences in functioning as a nurse.
  • 3. Function effectively with members of the health team and community applying the knowledge of human relations and communication skills in her work
  • 4. Participate as member of the health team in delivery of curative preventive, promotive and rehabilitative health care service.
  • 5. Mobilize community resources and their involvement in working with communities.
  • 6. Demonstrate use of ethical values in their personal and professional life.
  • 7. Demonstraate interest in activities of professional organization.
  • 8. Recognize the need for continuing education for professional development.
  • 9. Demonstrate basic skills in teaching patients and giving nursing care to them.
  • 10. Demonstrate basic skills in administration and leadership while working with other members of health team and community.
  • 11. Assist in research activities.


The basic Diploma course in General Nursing and Midwifery is geared to the health needs of the individuals, family, community and the country at large.

The aims of the Diploma in General Nursing and Midwifery programme are :

  • 1. To prepare nurses with a sound educational programme in nursing to enable them to function as effcient members of the health team, beginning with the competencies for first level positions in all kinds of health care settings.

  • 2. To help nurses develop an ability to co-operate and co-ordinate with members of the health team in the prevention of disease, promotion of health and rehabilitation of the sick.

  • 3. To help nurses in their personal and professional development, so that they are able to make maximum contribution to the society as useful and productive individuals, citizens as well as effcient nurses.

  • 4. To serve as a base for further professional education and specialization in nursing.

  • 5. To providing nurses to keep pace with latest professional and technological developments and use these for providing nursing care service.